Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apparently Moldovan parties are more important than the wedding.

     Korey and Sabina's wedding, as you can tell from my last post, was this past Wednesday, and they had their reception last night in Ospitaletto, a small town in Brescia.  The dinner began at 6pm, but when we arrived after 7:00, the happy couple stood under a hoopa to take pictures with each guest as they arrived.  Stephen and I took some pictures with Korey, Sabina, and their witnesses, and then had a few hor d'oeuvres and talked with Korey's family.
     The night was extremely Moldovan with very little English and many foreign traditions.  The dinner was broken up into two courses that were separated by lots of dancing.  The meals consisted of a few pieces of many different foods; so instead of one large plate of a few things, it was many small things.  First we had shrimp, rabbit, bread, etc. and the second meal was mostly meats with a small salad.  Unlike the wedding in Venice, there were many, many people in attendance, mostly from Sabina's family.  At the wedding there were about forty or fifty people, but last night it was well past one hundred people.  Last night I learned many things about Sabina's culture, but most of all, they party until the wee hours of the morning; they booked the restaurant until 4am!

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