Monday, September 3, 2012

It is Day #5 of the Italian Rain-a-thon.

     For over a month I was here in Italy believing that it never rained here, well because for a month it had not and if you had read my post from this past Friday, you will remember how excited I was about the rain and how we needed it.  Well--since today is Labor Day, Stephen has the day off and we ran some errands this morning since pretty much everything closes down on Sundays except restaurants/etc.  So we stepped out of the apartment to lock the door and I heard some rain from the open window in the stairwell, so I told Stephen to grab the umbrella.  Little did I know that it was POURING!  We walked to the landlord's office about two minutes away and by the time we got there (two buildings away from the apartment) we were soaked--head to toe.  After that we needed to pay the internet bill.  In order to do this, we have to go to either the ufficio postale (post office) or the tabaccheria (tobacco shop that also sells lottery tickets, etc.).  Since the tabaccheria is in the piazza and much closer, and at both places you have to pay a fee to pay your bills, we speed-walked to the tabaccheria in the pouring rain and wind.  After that we drove to Famila to get some groceries and now we are back home drinking hot chocolate!  I wonder how long this rain will last...

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