Friday, October 19, 2012

Just another day.

     Another quiet night tonight--even though it was not supposed to be!  Stephen was supposed to have today off work, but he got a phone call yesterday and was ordered to come into work today--leaving him only one day off work this week.  I must say that while I often enjoy having some alone time and a quiet apartment to get things done, this week is not one of those times!  I miss my man!  Though having him go off to work in the afternoon has given me plenty of time to practice some of my cooking--in an attempt to cut back unnecessary spending, I am making Stephen's meals to take to work.  You can find some of the recipes I have been trying out under "Recipes" on the tool bar, or you can just click here.  Today I made the Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli & Rice casserole while he was sleeping this morning.  Since I have been trying to get on a later schedule with him, I have been staying up late and waking up later in the morning.  And to reinforce this idea, as I was writing this, I wasn't sure what time it was, and apparently it is midnight here.  Had no idea.
     Since things have slowed down here, I don't have much news except a few hours ago I received an email from UMUC about the position for which I will be applying.  I talked to the employer earlier this year (and last year, too) and she told me the job will be opening in December and in a few weeks I will be able to submit my resume and application.  I will also be able to hand-deliver my resume with a big smile to the current UMUC field representative on base.  Very excited for this!