Friday, December 28, 2012

A Quiet Christmas at Home!

     It always seems as though it takes FOREVER for Christmas to come, but once it does, it ends so quickly in a flurry of wrapping paper and ribbon.  This was the first year Stephen and I were able to spend Christmas together, and since it was just us this year, it was a nice, but quiet holiday.  

     Our first Christmas present came from my parents--a new, big camera that we have been using for the past month to take pictures.  On Christmas we were able to expand our board game collection, too.  Stephen got some movies, video games, a massage voucher, and lots of books.  I was given a stack of GRE Prep books, some DVDs, everything needed to start playing tennis once it gets warmer, and more batteries for our new camera.  We had a great Christmas and we plan on visiting Lake Garda for New Years.  Can't wait!