Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmastime in Innsbruck, Austria

     Yesterday we spent the whole day in Innsbruck, Austria, a three-hour drive just past the Italy-Austria border.  Our friends decided to go to their Christmas market and invited us, and Stephen and I could not turn it down--especially another chance to have some delicious food!  We drove through the beautiful, snow-tipped mountains and then found this small town right in the middle of these mountains.

     We got wurst mit brot first and then began walking around looking at all the stalls.  Just like Vienna, the market is spread out and made up of many small shops, but these varied much more than the Vienna market where there was a lot of the same kind of things.

     We walked through most of the market, and eventually found Innsbruck's Arc di Triompf.

     We started to head towards another market that was across the river and on the side of the mountain, but after a little bit of hiking we realized that we weren't able to buy lift tickets without a special kind of credit card, so by the time we got back down to the town, it was getting dark. 

     Around 7:00, we sat down to dinner and had a nice meal before the ride home.  We got home before 11:00 and we were tired!