Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ljubljana, Slovenia in Two Days!

     It is official, summer is already over and it feels like it never even begun!  Well, in the whirlwind of Oktoberfest planning and busy schedules, our short trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia got lost.  The trip was last-minute, and we only stayed for two nights at this capital city, but our second trip to Slovenia, the country just east to Italy, proved to be very different from our first.  Last winter we visited Bled, Slovenia and skipped over Ljubljana, but this time we skipped Bled and we visited Ljubljana in warmer weather.  Our first stop was a wine tasting at Klinec in the Goriska Brda region.  We enjoyed a wonderful view and had a few glasses of wine before heading off to our next stop before the capital.

     There are two major cavern systems in Slovenia, Postojnska Jama and Skocjanske Jame.  The first was described as a world famous attraction equipped with a train to take you through the first portion.  I decided that any attraction that began with a train through a beautiful natural landscape was not for me, and decided to book tickets at Skocjankse Jame.  After arriving, we took a walk around the area and found this gorgeous church atop the caves.

      Since there were no photos allowed on the tour, I've included some here from the Park website to give you an idea of our adventure.   


     From there, we drove into Ljubljana, another hour from the caves, just in time to get something to eat and walk around the city a little bit.   The next day we dodged rain storms while hiking up to the castle on the hill, and popping into all of the markets in the town.

     It was a nice place to visit for a weekend, but it certainly does not have the charm or appeal of the more historic cities of Europe.

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