Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finally made it!

     After a long two days, technically twenty seven hours of travel, I have arrived in Montichiari, Italy!  I traveled from Reagan (DC) to O'hare (Chicago) to Frankfurt (Germany) and finally, Verona (Italy) and from Verona it was a thirty minute drive back to Stephen's house.  I left my house for the Metro at 11:30 on Tuesday, and arrived here at 3:00 on Wednesday.  I got to see a lot of cool airports, including the huge Chicago airport where I had a 30 minute layover.

     The only sleep I got during my entire trip was on my flight from Frankfurt to Verona.  This is because apparently, when Continental cancels your flight at the last minute, your seats are moved only middle seats (where no one wants to be) and near all the crying babies!  Although, the plane to Verona was extremely empty, so before take-off, I moved to an open row where I could lean up against the window and sleep.  The flight was only an hour and I slept for about half an hour and woke up to the wonderful Alps!

     After getting unpacked, Stephen, Adam and I visited Stephen's friends at the Hotel Elefante in town.  I met Francesca, Luca, Angelo, Manu, Davide and Lina.  We stayed there for only a little while and then returned home so I could shower quickly and fall asleep.  Now I have one day before we all leave for Paris!

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