Tuesday, January 3, 2012


     I have finally regained the strength to blog about my wonderful Paris trip!  We returned to Verona yesterday morning and for the rest of the day I was sleeping on the couch because I have been traveling for what seems like days.  I have returned an engaged woman as well, but we will get to that later.  
     We decided to take the train system on Friday night from the airport to the hotel and on the way Stephen met a nice, older gentlemen who explained to him why the train began losing power sporadically (people walking on the tracks), which is how we came to learn that he, Patrice Martinet, was once a French diplomat and professor, and now the owner of a theatre in Paris--which he gladly offered to find us some seats for his sold-out show on New Years Eve.  So we got to see a very interesting show at the Athenee Theatre on Saturday night, though it was all in French, it was beautiful.  
   On Saturday, we saw Notre Dame and went through the church.

      Though it was sprinkling throughout the weekend (very lightly, not enough to be considered rain), we got inside The Louvre and began looking around when the weather started to turn sour.  In the museum we saw many famous paintings and sculptures, including the Mona Lisa, but after a few hours, we were all tired out.

     After The Louvre, we walked to the theatre to see Patrice's show, and afterwards he spoke with us and offered us champagne.  We took some pictures of the theatre, thanked Patrice again for everything, and began a long walk towards the Eiffel Tower for the countdown to the new year.

     After finding the perfect spot to see the tower twinkle and fireworks all around, Stephen got down on one knee and proposed.  I was surprised and elated, and quickly said yes, to my handsome fiance!  Adam was able to get some really good pictures of the moment.  It was perfect and I couldn't be more happy!  The next day, we investigated the Eiffel Tower more thoroughly--with a tour that took us all the way to the top where it was very windy!

     We left the following day after seeing (and walking through) a lot of Paris, and we learned that one weekend can only show you a little bit of the city.  One of the most memorable trips I have and ever will have!  Tomorrow Stephen returns to work (leaves at 4:00am and returns at 7:00pm) and I will have a chance to wander through Montichiari!

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DEWorley said...

it looks like stephen has a halo in the nortre dame pic, & is that a horn coming out of your head?