Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A normal day.

     Yesterday I was able to go onto base with Stephen for lunch and his afternoon since the internet was not working, he had a hard time completing the work he wanted.  I wanted to make some phone calls, but alas, no internet meant no phone service.  I got to see the REALLY SMALL shoppette--it was big enough for the essentials, but that was it.  The other thing I really wanted to do was speak with Heather in the UMUC office about the position that opens soon.  She was not there, but I was able to sit with another woman that worked in there, so hopefully I will be able to speak with Heather soon.  After that I worked out in the gym, and I got to meet some other coworkers on base, but they all look the same in their uniform, so I doubt I will remember their names.  Today I am unpacking my last box of things from home, and then doing laundry and cleaning the apartment.  The other big thing I want to do today is figure out how to throw away trash according to the town's rules: they are very strict.  They collect garbage every weekday, but it is always something different.  Unlike America where you can recycle and the rest is trash, Italy (at least everywhere I have been) collects (1) cardboard, (2) plastics, (3) organics, (4) non-recyclables, and (5) glass.  It is a very intense system and it can difficult to decipher what goes where.  Hopefully with the information from base that Stephen sent me this morning, I will have better luck!

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