Sunday, September 29, 2013

Market in the Piazza

     Every once in a while, Stephen and I spend our Sunday morning enjoying a coffee in the piazza.  Since today was a festival for a patron saint, we found a market (think yard sale or flea market) in and around the piazza.  

     In addition to the market, the Italian Boy Scouts were preparing a lunch for anyone that wanted to enjoy a selection of horse meat and other traditional northern Italian foods.  It only cost €15, but Stephen was not interested in eating horse.  (Note: Horse is a popular food here, and just beside the piazza is a store dedicated to the sale of horse.  You'll find this meat on almost any menu and every grocery store.)  Instead, we had some miniature donuts (not a popular food) with powdered sugar.

     We had a great morning and we came home with three bialetti (the stove-top espresso maker) of various sizes and an old fan.  Even though we did not come home with the €700 painting that we fell in love with, it was still a morning that made us count our blessings.  We are lucky to sit beside an old church in an Italian piazza drinking capuccino on a beautiful Sunday morning.

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